Benefits of the Silva Method‏

Benefits of attending the Silva Method training

The alpha level increases the body’s ability to heal faster, where cells repair, stress
dissolves and is released, the immune system is strengthened and the innate wisdom
of the mind and its infinite capabilities is activated.

  • Get rid of Insomnia and Sleep soundly and restfully without drugs or medication
  • Learn to boost your energy levels
  • Eliminate tension and migraine headaches
  • Boost Creativity and Inspiration
  • Create healthy, loving and fulfilling relationships
  • Enhance Intelligence to generate more abundance
  • Eliminate Stress, Anxiety and Depression and become Energised and Enthusiastic
  • Accelerate learning, and improve memory, focus and concentration
  • Let go of negativity and become a positive and focused thinker
  • Boost your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
  • Awaken your body’s natural healing ability and become healthy and fit
  • Activate and develop your Intuition and creative solving abilities
  • Create healthy, loving and fulfilling relationships
  • Learn to forgive and achieve happiness and inner Peace
  • Set and achieve goals with increased motivation

Documented results of Stress Relief  :

Better health
Better Brain Function
Increased Productivity
Better and more Fulfilling Relationships
Increased levels of Energy
More Self Confidence
Increased Creativity