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The Silva Life System

The First Step

The Silva Life System (Level 1)

20 Hours Training - 2 Full Days

June 21 & 22, 2024

Lopdell House, Titirangi, Auckland.

This is the foundation course and a necessary prerequisite for attending the Silva Intuition Training Seminar

The Silva Life System gently guides each participant using the Silva guided meditation to a state of complete and deep physical and mental relaxation, deeper than deep sleep, yet a state of heightened alertness and awareness. Within just two days You will become a more Conscious, aware and mindful being.

What are some of the benefits you get from investing in this life and mind changing seminar?

In this Seminar, you will experience the incredible power of your mind. You will learn to use the amazing mind empowering techniques to change your life for the better. You will learn to function Consciously and with Awareness at the Alpha and Theta levels. And you will be delighted to see and feel your attitudes, thought patterns, choices, energy, health and wealth transformed by applying these simple yet powerful techniques.

In just two days, you will be able to reach the Alpha level and apply the scientifically researched and proven mental techniques that the Silva Method is famous for. Imagine how your life will transform as you access and activate your mind's infinite capabilities. Imagine your life getting better and better in every way.

What you will learn

  • Alpha Functioning – Learn to function at the powerful alpha brain wave level where you can learn to use both brain hemispheres to think with like a genius, instead of just one, the way most people do.
  • Positive Thinking– Learn to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude no matter what the circumstances.
  • Sleep Control – Learn to go to sleep without drugs and their undesirable side effects
    waking up refreshed and relaxed. Learn to energise yourself anytime, anywhere whenever you wish to.
  • Mental House Cleaning – Learn how language, the Words you use affect your Thoughts your Beliefs which then create your Life. This technique will quickly teach you to become more aware and mindful so you Focus only on what you Want
  • Dream Control – Learn to remember dreams and use them to get information to solve problems.
  • Headache/Pain Control– Learn to  relieve tension and migraine headaches without drugs or external aids.
  • Memory Pegs
    The Memory Pegs technique will help you to improve visualization, imagination and memory and enhance your mental abilities as well accelerate learning.
  • The Three Fingers Technique– Learn to become an A grade student and tap into the genius within for instant decision making and problem solving.
  • Mirror of the Mind– Learn how to Set and Achieve your Goals / Mental Rehearsal and Future Pacing
  • Glass of Water Technique– This technique is for Problem Solving, to find Solutions and to get Insights
  • Weight and Habit Control– Why you can reduce and reach your ideal weight and eliminate unwanted habits out of your life.
  • Glove Anesthesia– Learn to remove pain, stop bleeding instantly using the powers of your mind.
  • Controlling your Limiting Beliefs– Learn to recognize your limiting beliefs and then take replace them with positive and empowering beliefs.
  • Mental Projection– Learn Remote Viewing by learning to project your mind effectively
    you develop the intuitive and psychic ability that already lies within you.

And Creation of a Mental Retreat for Healing, Inner Child Work, Meditation and Guidance from Your Higher Self.


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Irene Joseph is the Certified Instructor for the New Zealand region. Contact Irene for further info and to register for a seminar.
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