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Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep v/s Sleep Deprivation

Posted by Irene Joseph
March 30, 2015

Are you able to fall asleep easily?
Are you able to sleep through the night?
Are you able to wake up refreshed and energised?
Are you able to have a 10-15 minute nap to energise yourself?

Do you have enough energy and vitality to keep you going through the day?If you are irritable cranky and lethargic it could be that you are not getting enough of restful alpha sleep or REM sleep.

When we are not getting adequate sleep, it impacts every area of our life. It affects our health, physically, mentally and emotionally. It has serious consequences as far as our memory, learning and cognitive abilities are concerned. When we don't have sufficient restful sleep, we lose our focus, attention,  making it  difficult to retain information in our long term memory banks. Without adequate sleep and rest, our brain can no longer function at optimal level to file information properly, and thus  our ability to access previously learned information is severely affected.

Moreover, because sleep affects our ability to focus and concentrate, this in turn affects our ability to make wise decisions because our perception and interpretation of events is clouded by "brain fog."

In fact I could go on and on about the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation, however, I will leave you with this video so you can check it out for yourself.

The Silva Method Training will will enable and master,

  • the ability to fall asleep easily and have a sound and restful sleep for those of you who are suffering from insomnia or are unable to fall asleep
  • energise yourself with an alpha nap if you have been suffering from fatigue and chronic tiredness
  • a technique to help you think and act positively
  • and how to get that feel good feeling.

There is no doubt that a good night's sleep is the only way to recharge your brain,
your mind, body and spirit.

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