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Private Sessions with Irene Joseph

Irene holds personal one-on-one sessions in Auckland, as well as nationally and internationally through Skype. Her clients have had emotional, mental and psychological issues that have needed resolving through empathy and understanding. She has helped them re-discover their authentic self, by uncovering and dissolving their negative and limiting beliefs. This has helped her clients gain clarity and direction and has guided them to lead more purposeful and enjoyable lives.

Testimonials from Happy Clients

Amazing turn around in 9 year old's life.

Last year we asked Irene for help with our 9 year old son, who was struggling with low self esteem, lack of self belief and having a hard time at school and with life. Irene was able to quickly establish rapport and after only one session we saw an immediate change - "I am smart, I am kind, I am a good friend" etc.

. At first we wondered if this was a coincidence and we were curious if this new attitude would stay. Regular sessions were held over a 4 month period and the changes we saw after the first session stayed and are still having a positive impact on our child's life. We are very happy and impressed with how Irene helped our child. Her approach is holistic, looking at the whole family system and this has had a positive effect for all of us. We can wholeheartedly recommend Irene's work. Thank you Irene for your support. - J M

Our life now is great because of you

Dear Irene,

I want to take this opportunity to tell you what a blessing you have been in our lives. You have helped me and my family navigate the most challenging issues in our life.

You guided and rescued us when we thought there was no hope left.

Our life now is great because of you.
You are kind, friendly and extremely knowledgeable
in helping people in need.
We are extremely blessed to have you in our life.

May God protect you so you are able to change the lives of many other people.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.
Bianca and the Boys

I feel free, after so many years!

Before I began working with Irene I had a problem that was chasing me for years.

After my session with her, I felt reborn! I feel free!!!

During the session I felt very comfortable, relaxed and in a very safe space.

If you are struggling with anything in your life you will be surprised how well you will feel after a session with Irene. I highly recommend Irene and her ability to help people no matter what their specific problem is. All you have to do is be open minded and let Irene to do the work.

Ioana Chiroean

Parents, have you struggled with a child who wets their bed?

Our 11 year old son had been wetting his bed since he was small.
After having a series of sessions with Irene over a period of 8 weeks,
he has stopped completely.

He had many fears and phobias (fear of spiders, natural disasters, etc.)
Before meeting Irene he was very reluctant to go to any event or visit new places if he didn't know any of the children. He never tried to make new friends, and lacked confidence in himself to do so. 

Since working with Irene there have been only positive results. He is now a happy and positive child. His confidence levels have grown significantly. He is very outspoken and confident now in his interaction with other children. He even went to a holiday program , for the first time in 7 years and was very happy to make new friends.  Incidentally, Spiders are now his friends!
As parents, we felt it was a very safe environment for him. It was clear that he enjoyed his time with Irene as he was always happy, full of positive energy and smiling when the session was over. His behaviour has also improved which makes us very happy.

We are very grateful, that our child and we as parents, have benefited so much from these sessions.

We highly recommend Irene to all the people we know and anybody who needs help and is struggling.
We trust her and feel she is a very special and capable lady. 
Just be open minded and trust that Irene will help you and your child.
- Joanna C

I now have happy relationships and my dream job!

I have been working with Irene for a year, and I’ve seen big improvements in my life.

The strained relationship with my mum became much more peaceful and loving.

I got over many inner conflicts and négative émotions that were blocking me and my relationship with others.

I trust my intuition more, and am able now to deal with stress and pressure and handle uncomfortable situations, much more easily.

With Irene’s support I went for a dream job and got it! I also met a lovely man and am living a relationship in which finally I’m not getting stuck in old negative patterns of communication.

Irene is very knowledgeable and highly experienced but what really sets her apart is her generosity, warmth and dedication, and not the least her sense of humour.

She gave me great tools and helped me trust my own abilities, to feel secure, be independent, and ready to share love and joy with family and friends. 

Thank you Irene! It was quite a year!  Bojana Bauer

Lifelong Fear of Heights dissolved in one Session

I have had two private sessions with Irene on Skype.The first session dealt with my Fear of Heights which I have had since I was a child. We spent a little over 2 hours together. By the end of the session I felt and  knew that a shift had taken place in me. I can happily say that my fear of heights has gone. How do I know this? Because Irene is very thorough and insisted that I go and visit the places where I couldn’t go trekking because of my intense fear. I did and I was filled with a sense of freedom and elation that I could do so, so easily.

Created a Positive Self Image

The second session dealt with my lack of self-esteem which also stemmed from my childhood. Once again, I felt the shift in me. I feel much lighter and am now more confident about myself and my abilities.

Thank you Irene for helping me change for the Better

Claudia Edwards

A young boy overcomes fears and panic attacks

The first time I spoke to you about the issues I was facing with my 11 year old son, was by phone. You took your time and listened to all that I had to say. Then you asked to speak to my son. This first impression is what counts - you proved to be a loving and caring person.

This quality helped my son (and me) to overcome the difficulties which he was struggling with. Issues dealing with bullying, anger, and other specific problems were huge obstacles for him.

Today I can say that my son is a different person. He is achieving what before was not easy for him. He is now able to solve problems easily and the happiness he feels shows clearly on his face. Yes Irene I will be eternally thankful for all the support and help you gave to my son.

Kay Arin

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