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How to get rid of a headache without medicine

Posted by Irene Joseph
May 13, 2015

Headaches getting you down? Time to say toodle-loo to pain!

Have you felt like your head was the pincushion for a thousand burning needles? Or maybe it's been more like a slow thudding pain that continuously aches throughout the day?
Or perhaps you've experienced one of those searing waves of pain that make it impossible to even think? I understand. All you wanted to do was lie down and wait for the world of pain to melt away.
So you popped the pills, lay down in a dark room, which was spinning faster than any carousel you could imagine and allowed the effect of the medication to kick in as you gave in to the warm embrace of sleep.

But the relief is short lived. Sometimes, you don't even have access to medication and at other time as you just can't put your head down - kids need to be dropped to school, groceries need to picked up and work needs to get done. Those are the facts of life.

Imagine what it would be like to live headache free? To know that you are free to enjoy each day knowing that you have banished the worry, anxiety, stress, endless drugs or medication, and visits to the doctor. Not to mention taking sick days, weeks and months of sick leave from work, and what about the ever recurrent bills for the above. Wouldn't it be amazing, and is it possible, without medication, or any kind of medicine, without any outside aid, to just naturally get rid of the headaches and the pain using just the incredible power of your mind?

Imagine being able to eliminate headaches easily? Regardless of how long (or little) migraines have been a part of your life. Is this possible, you ask. Yes, with just one simple and powerful Silva technique you can kiss your headaches goodbye. You will be able to easily leave them in the past and say goodbye to the pain! Imagine now how you would feel if you knew you could get your life back on track.

However, till such time as you can attend a live Silva seminar training here are some really effective tips to help you navigate the tough times.

Just before I tell you, there is something I'd like you to do for me. Fill up a glass with water. Now, take the hand that is holding the glass of water and stretch it out. Continue keeping your arm and hand (holding the glass of water) stretched out for a minute. Keeping your eyes closed, feel what is happening in your arm,notice the strain and tension that is building up At the end of 2 minutes, put the glass down and feel how your arm feels now. Different, right? And whew what a relief to put it down.

What kind of crazy exercise was this anyway. Sometimes we need to experience physically what we are doing unconsciously. And this little exercise was to help you understand that when you put unnecessary strain on your arm, the muscles tensed and contracted and the result was aching muscles and pain.

Now when we hold a worrisome, anxious or fearful thought, whether it is about a person, situation or event, real or imaginary, and we continue to focus on it, the muscles surrounding the head contract. The more they contract, the more tension, strain and pain is built up, and voila you have a tension or migraine headache.

When you put the glass down, what did you do instinctively? You massaged your arm and soothed it, and that helped release the ache and it felt better.

In the same way, take that worry, anxiety or fear and put it down. Ask yourself, how is this thought helping me? If it is not helping you, turn your attention consciously to something else.

Now check out the following tips on how to get rid of a headache naturally.

1. Take a few drops of lavender oil (lavender has soothing and calming properties) and gently massage your temples, very slowly. As you massage, take deep slow belly breaths and focus
on the air, going in and then going out.

2. Imagine that you are at the beach, or your favorite place and soft gentle hands are gently massaging your head.

3. Yawn slowly, opening your mouth as wide as you can, tilt your head gently backwards. Do this 5/6 times. Then get up and stretch.

4. Go for a walk in the fresh air. If this is not possible, put on your favourite soft music and dance. When you dance, your mind and body are totally in the present, and so are you.

5. Drink water, lots of it. Sip it slowly and feel it energising your body, brain and mind.

6. Have a warm, relaxing shower. Feel the water droplets cascading over your head and washing away any tension or stress.

7. Lie down on a soft bed. Now begin to breathe slowly. Say on the in breath - Relax. On the out breath - Release. Keep your eyes closed and focus again on the air entering and leaving your nostrils.

8. Learn to Meditate. This is by far the most important skill you will ever learn to relax your body, brain and mind and get in touch with your true essence which is Peace. Meditating has so many benefits, I will keep that for another article. In the meantime,

Yes, it is possible to do all of the above, as soon as you decide that you are ready to lead a pain free life.

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