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What is Guided Meditation ?

Posted by Irene Joseph
February 25, 2015

Meditation is a means of relaxing the body, calming the mind and focusing one’s attention within one’s self.

Most people are more focussed on the outer world, the objective world, and hence their mind is a constant stream of thoughts, most of them anxious, stressed and fearful.  This in turn creates stressful feelings and emotions of worry, anxiety, fear and depression. And this can lead to physical, mental and emotional burnout.

In meditation, the primary aim is to take the attention and shift it from the outer to the inner world. Our inner world is our subjective world, where most of us spend our time without even being aware of it. When we shift our attention to our body as in a progressive relaxation where the focus is on each part of the body, starting from the head and going right to the toes, something wonderful happens. We become aware of how much tension we are holding, and now we are in a position to release it. People are not aware of the fact that tension, fear, negative events and trauma, unless released, are locked in certain parts of the body. And, if they are allowed to remain, will result in varied health problems, from tension headaches to heart attacks.

The body has infinite wisdom and healing ability. However, it is the mind that is in charge and therefore the mind has to learn how to interrupt the constant stream of repetitive, habitual, negative thought patterns that create the habitual negative emotional reactive responses.

Meditation is about training the mind to become aware of the mind chatter, yet refrain from getting entangled in it, and to go deeper within, to actually witness the aliveness and energy field within. With continued meditation the meditator finds it easier and easier to get into a relaxed calm state of being and emerges from it with renewed energy, enthusiasm and  vitality.

Meditation is the best way to let go of Stress.  This has been scientifically documented countless times.

In a Guided Meditation, the meditator (the person who is meditating) is guided verbally either by a live teacher or instructor or by a voice on a recording.  Guided meditations are extremely helpful especially for beginners, and those new to meditation, as they only have to follow the instructions being given. Through the use of guided imagery they are gently led to a deep inner state of stillness and peace. The Guided meditation may have a background sound or music, depending on the particular aim of the meditation, whether it is for stress relief, healing, forgiveness, increasing compassion or for motivation, goal setting, and much more. In the Silva Method training, there is a special guided meditation for sleep, using specific guided imagery to train the listener to fall asleep regardless of their inability to sleep.

For most people mastering a progressive relaxation by themselves is difficult. Herein lies the beauty of a Guided Meditation on learning how to relax the body and the mind by letting go of the constant mental chatter.

The Silva Method training begins with guiding the student into a specific progressive relaxation which results in releasing stress hormones and letting go of stored tension in the body and mind and activating the feel good chemicals, leaving them in a profound state of relaxed awareness, peace and well being.

Here is a Free Silva Guided Meditation download which appears on YouTube (click the link below). This is a progressive relaxation meditation, and you will be amazed at the results and will emerge refreshed, renewed and full of energy – Enjoy.

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