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Update your mind and transform your life!

Posted by Irene Joseph
August 5, 2016

All of us are constantly updating our devices, be they mobile phones, computers, laptops, cars, refrigerators, etc.  We update our wardrobes, diets, hairstyles, need I go on? However, when and how often do we pay the same attention to our Brain and Mind and get rid of the junk and see that it too gets updated?

First let’s look at why we update anything. Isn’t it so that we get better functioning, better results, faster and easier access, and in the shortest amount of time?

Using the analogy of the computer you would agree that it is only as efficient as the software installed in it. So when the software is outdated or faulty, it needs to be upgraded or updated to function more efficiently. In the same manner, our Minds are running on programs which have been installed in us from birth. We can call them programs or conditioning.

Everyone has been programmed from birth and all these programs are housed in our Subconscious Mind.  We get programmed (conditioned) by our parents, care-givers, teachers, authority figures, our race and culture, the media and a host of outside influences. This programming is done through instructions, rules or laws,  which then create our thought patterns, our attitudes and perceptions and most importantly our beliefs. If the conditioning we receive is positive, then we function in a healthy and happy mode. When however our conditioning is negative, we then have self-sabotaging beliefs that hinder rather than help us.  These belief systems can range from any of the following: cultural, religious, physical, mental, moral, medical and theosophical beliefs. The important thing to note here is that most of these programs are running on auto-pilot. This means that 95% of the time the sub-conscious mind is running the show even though We think that it is our conscious mind that is in control. 90% of the zillion (yes, zillion) thoughts that we think each day are repetitive, old, and negative, and most of us are  unaware of them. Hence, the importance of being Mindful.Of learning how to observe the mind and our thinking. This is an ability that can be learned and what is taught in the Silva Methodology. To be watchful of what thoughts are coming up, deleting those that no longer serve us and replacing or substituting new positive thought patterns.

Our Subconscious mind has accepted the conditioning as instructions or commands and It follows them precisely without questioning whether it is good or bad for us. Moreover, even when a conscious decision is made by the Conscious mind if it is not in alignment with the belief or program running in the Subconscious mind, the Subconscious mind will override it. This is why most diets fail, because it is not congruent with the belief running in the Subconscious mind. So what is the solution? Change the program/conditioning in the subconscious mind. How do we do this? In order to do this we must gain access to the subconscious mind. And the only way to gain entry is to enter a deeper level of mind than the Conscious mind, which is attained through altering our brain frequencies to the Alpha and Theta levels of mind. And the way to do this is through Relaxation and Meditation. Once we access our subconscious mind, we are then able to delete the negative and outmoded programs and install new positive and life enhancing mental software that will help us achieve our goals and dreams faster and easier. We will now be in a position to create what we want to achieve the best possible outcomes for ourselves and for our environment. This is what the Silva Method training is all about : to use our natural inborn  talents and abilities to create a better You and a better world for all beings.

To learn more about the Silva training and how it can benefit you, attend the Silva Intro Talk.You will learn first hand how your body, mind and spirit are connected. You will experience the power of your subconscious mind and how it functions. You will experience deep relaxation and peace. You will learn of the specific Silva techniques which willtransform your mind, raise your consciousness and connect you to the Creative Source within you.

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