The Silva Life System Seminar – Level I (2 Full Days) – FEBRUARY 2 & 3, 2019 – Auckland


When:  FEBRUARY 2 & 3, 2019 at 9:30 am – 7:00 pm

Where: CCS Centre, Royal Oak, Auckland

The Silva Life System is the basic foundation course. The techniques will unleash the infinite power of your mind as you embark on this journey of self-discovery . Acquiring the ability to function consciously at the Alpha level will enhance and strengthen your ability to relax at will. Focus, concentration, creativity and the zest to live a happy productive life will be the results of this amazing process.

  • Master the art of relaxation and free yourself from stress
  • Sleep soundly and awaken refreshed without drugs
  • Gain access to Higher Intelligence, Inspiration and Wisdom
  • Trigger your mind to solve problems throughCreative dreaming
  • Boost Creativity and productivity
  • Activate your body’s natural healing ability to create health and well being
  • Banish negativity and depression – 3 steps to a positive outlook
  • Accelerate serotonin levels to create a healthy happy lifestyle
  • Stimulate your mental abilities to create successful outcomes
  • Amplify your mental capacity for learning, memory and recall
  • Improve and strengthen relationships

What you will receive:

  • Two Full days packed with mind empowering techniques. The Silva training, a profound hands-on training, perfected through 22 years of research and nearly 5 decades of working with millions of people worldwide works!
  • A detailed Instruction manual, the SILVA Student Manual complete with all the techniques for easy review and support.
  • A Silva Certificate of Completion
  • A lifetimeof tuition FREE review privileges for a nominal seat charge.
  • As a Silva Graduate you will be entitled to Tuition-Free repeat for life privileges! This privilege can be availed of anywhere in the world where a Silva program is being conducted.
  • Unlimited access to complimentary phone and/or email support.


Seminar Registration Fee Review Basic Lecture
Series Graduate
Silva Life System – SLS $750 $90 $90
Silva Intuition System – SIS $750 $90 $375
Silva 4-Day Life & Intuition Training Seminar
PREMIUM Package 


$1,250 $180 $465


 Conditions Apply

• Registration in each location is limited to the first 25 to register.
Convenient time payments can also be arranged with Irene at 09-6279123.
• Refresher fee is applicable only for Silva Graduates with a valid Silva ID and/or certificate of completion,
repeating the same seminar.
* Privacy disclaimer: We ask for your phone # upon registration in case we need to contact you concerning the seminar.
We respect your privacy and your information stays with us.
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Best Choice: PREMIUM Package – Silva 4-Day Life and Intuition Seminar                     

**Registration & Payment for the Premium Package to be made minimum 2 weeks prior to Seminar.