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Silva Method Seminars in Auckland The Silva Life System Seminar October 20 & 21, 2018 Silva Intuition Training Seminar October 22 & 23,...

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How to get rid of a headache without medicine

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Headaches getting you down? Time to say toodle-loo to pain! Have you felt like your head was the pincushion for a thousand burning needles? Or maybe it’s been more like a slow thudding pain that continuously aches throughout the day? Or perhaps you’ve experienced one of those searing waves of pain that make it impossible to even think? I understand. All you wanted to do was lie down and wait for the world of pain to melt away. So you popped the pills, lay down in a dark room, which was spinning faster than any carousel you could imagine and allowed the effect of the medication...

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Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep v/s Sleep Deprivation

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Are you able to fall asleep easily? Are you able to sleep through the night? Are you able to wake up refreshed and energised? Are you able to have a 10-15 minute nap to energise yourself? Do you have enough energy and vitality to keep you going through the day?If you are irritable cranky and lethargic it could be that you are not getting enough of restful alpha sleep or REM sleep. When we are not getting adequate sleep, it impacts every area of our life. It affects our health, physically, mentally and emotionally. It has serious consequences as far as our memory, learning and cognitive...

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What is Guided Meditation ?

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Meditation is a means of relaxing the body, calming the mind and focusing one’s attention within one’s self. Most people are more focussed on the outer world, the objective world, and hence their mind is a constant stream of thoughts, most of them anxious, stressed and fearful.  This in turn creates stressful feelings and emotions of worry, anxiety, fear and depression. And this can lead to physical, mental and emotional burnout. In meditation, the primary aim is to take the attention and shift it from the outer to the inner world. Our inner world is our subjective world, where most of...

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How can the Silva Method training help manage and reduce stress

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Learning to relax will help you save your life. First of all what is Stress and how many kinds of Stress are there? Stress is when a stimulus, ie. a person, situation or event, is perceived as a threat. Our emotional brain then prepares us for the fight or flight response, and cortisol and adrenaline shoots through our body preparing and energising us to either fight or flee from what we’ll call the Dinosaur. There is acute stress, which is short lived, and chronic stress which is prolonged stress. Acute stress affects the majority of people, such as someone cutting you off in...

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